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    The Department of Accounting and Finance would like to welcome you to the Technological Education Institution (TEI) of Western Macedonia, one of the greatest Institutions of Higher Education in our country and the greatest Education Institution in Western Macedonia.

    Our Department’s mission is:

    -to provide students with all the necessary qualifications that will ensure their success in the scientific and business field.

    -to promote knowledge and research regarding the subject field of Accounting and Finance.

    -to develop collaboration with local, national and international organizations and businesses in order to establish a successful and fruitful connection and relationship with the job market and the society on the whole.

    -to establish a pleasant and creative academic environment and to promote the value of high social standards (such as collaboration, solidarity, togetherness, etc.) along with the cultural level.

    The undergraduate studies of the Department last 8 semesters, with the last one covering the practical application of the acquired knowledge through internship at specific businesses of the Private and Public sector, aspiring that the students will become familiar with the modern work environment and their future integration to the job market will be facilitated.

    The years of your studies will constitute one of the most creative and pleasant periods of your lives. We are confident that we meet all the necessary requirements in order to make the process of your education at the Department of Accounting and Finance of TEI of Western Macedonia the best possible, that will lead to the successful completion of your studies.

    The city of Kozani offers a great and amiable environment of accommodation, with a variety of choices regarding a wide number of activities that, in combination with your studies, can contribute to the completion of your character and personality and to your development as professionals.

    Dr. Nicolaos Sariannidis

    Associate Professor

    Head of Department of Accounting and Finance


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ΤΕΙ of Western Macedonia
Koila Kozani, Zip: 50100, Greece

Department Chair:

Sariannidis Nikolaos

Contact tel. numbers:

24610 40161-4, Voip: 1038, 1044
24610 68038

Τηλ 24610 68222 / 68207

Fax 24610 33521