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    Τhe Department of Accounting and Finance, branch of the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Western Macedonia, was established  in 2013 (according to the Presidential Decree 90/2013 – Government Gazette 130/5-06-2013) after the merger of two departments, the Accounting and the Financial Applications Department. The Department of Accounting and Finance is one of the most crucial and dynamic academic units of the Institution both in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

    Our aim is to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career through a modern and well-structured Undergraduate Program of Studies which fully covers the scientific areas of Accounting and Finance.

    The Undergraduate Curriculum offers students:

    • Knowledge on the latest trends prevailing in the scientific fields of Accounting and Finance.
    • Familiarity and use of the science of Computers for a continuous updating on the fast changeable fields of Accounting and Finance.
    • Promotion of mastery and analysis of applied Accounting and Finance both in Greece and internationally.


    The undergraduate studies last 8 semesters. The last one is dedicated to the practical application of the acquired knowledge through internship at specific businesses either in Private or Public sector, aiming at the familiarization of the students with the contemporary working environment and their future integration to the job market.

    Moreover, the Department offers two Postgraduate Programs of great demand:

    1. Postgraduate Studies - Master in Accounting and Auditing
    2. Postgraduate Studies - Master in Banking and Finance
    3. Postgraduate Studies - Master in Tax Consultancy and Business Legisglation


    Chaido Dritsaki


    Head of Department of Accounting and Finance

    e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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ΤΕΙ of Western Macedonia
Koila Kozani, Zip: 50100, Greece

Department Chair:

Dritsaki Chaido

Contact tel. numbers:

24610 40161-4, Voip: 1038, 1044
24610 68184

Τηλ 24610 68222 / 68207

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